What’s it all about?

The Guide

We all know there’s no real “guide” to motherhood, but hey it’s fun to think there is one ha! Here, I share my tips on surviving these early years of motherhood. 

A Few quick tips! These are my 'go to' tips that work for any day of the week, and any mommy moment you maybe experiencing. 

Tip #1 - You can do anything but NOT everything! Give yourself Grace! 

2 Cor. 12:9 Says "God's grace is sufficient for us!" 

Mama rely on his strength when you feel like you can’t go on! 

Be kind to yourself!

Tip #2 YOU NEED FRIENDS! Find a community of support!

I know, I know, you have kids! It's hard to get out and actually connect, but what I've learned is that motherhood is easier with like minded moms! Find someone whom you can vent to, pray with, laugh with, be yourself around, build you up, etc... 

Eccl 4: 9-12 says that "Two are better than one." I used to think that this verse only pertained to marriage, but it's a beautiful illustration of the beauty and safety in community! 

So, call someone, hang out, release, and relax! 

For more tips and motherhood related things check out my blog!

3 go to Scriptures for Anxiety

We have all had our share of anxiety and the Bible is full of scriptures that can help when times get the best of us. Anxiety can sometimes be linked to fear and that fear can show us our lack of trust. These scriptures have helped me to refocus and change my perspective. We can all have our moments but it’s important that we learn to recover, your recovery will determine your response to future battles.

3 go to Scriptures for Anxiety (png)


Free Printable -5 Prayers for the Overwhelmed Mom

5 prayers for the overwhelmed mom, it’s so easy to become overwhelmed with our everyday task! 

Mama, although we want to run away I’ve learned the importance of choosing where to run to! That place is my secret place, our prayers are what recharge us! 

Download these 5 prayers to help recharge you! 

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5 Mommy Prayers (pdf)