Favorite Things!

I will update this as much as I can with my favorite things at the moment! Below you will find somethings that i absolutely adore and use! Don't you get annoyed asking someone where they got something from and they just magically forget well we're friends so if I find a good deal I'm going to share it! lol Enjoy!

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Okay, I'm a bit of a book worm, i can read a good book in a day sometimes more than one at the same time lol I believe each season of our lives requires new information, you should have a book for what ever season you may be i My list of is so much bigger than this one lol I tried my best to condense it. These books have helped me through hard times, given much definition and insight.  I love books that help shift my perspective! And some just bring a since of comfort and understanding!! I hope you can check a few of them out!

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My fav Books