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Welcome! You ready Mama

Welcome to Concealer and a Prayer Life! If you’re here it’s probably because you’re looking for some sort of help, even if it’s just to see if how you’re feeling or know that what you’re going through is normal. Are you hiding in the bathroom with tiny 

hands under the door? Sneaking caprisuns and fruit snacks in the closet? Crying because of potty training? Or maybe a curious mama to be or Mom in waiting? Don’t worry, I got you Mama! You've found the right spot, and I’ve probably done all of that just last week (Group hug) But again if you’re here, you’re jumping into this journey with me! Are you ready? I’m ready if you are! Hope to encourage, uplift and inspire you along the way! Motherhood is never easy, and it’s so much better if you don’t do it alone! So here’s to us making it through together! 

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