Behind the Concealer

T’era Burton


As the oldest of 7 children, you‘d think "Momming It" would come natural to me, right?! Ha! No! 3 kids in and I’m still trying to figure this thing out!, but, in the process, I learned to love all things motherhood! Between Mom life, wife life, work life, artist life, and some kind of me time/social life in between, I’m still finding a way to balance it all! Join me on my journey! As the title says, with my many tubes of concealer and many prayers I’m embracing it ALL! Motherhood is hard, and I’m learning that it’s best if we don’t do it alone, so, with that being said, come on Mama, grab your concealer and send those prayers up!

Resetting Your Journey Podcast Interview

Check out my interview of how God rescued me and How I came up with concealer and a prayer life!